How to bet on NHL games

NHL Betting

As more and more states legalize sports wagering, NHL betting is seeing a meteoric rise in popularity at online sportsbooks. While most United States citizens have at least some idea on how to place a bet on football or even basketball and baseball, there may still be some questions on hockey wagering.Hockey is very similar to MLB betting, as there's not necessarily a spread, but more of fluctuating odds on the favorite and underdog. The 'spread' in hockey wagering is known as the puck line, and it's always set at -1.5. Hockey games are frequently one score affairs, so winning by two goals or more offers a much better payout. If you are new to NHL betting, here are some tips to have success sooner rather than later.

NHL Total Betting

Another thing that is valuable about knowing NHL goaltender matchups is that it provides the best opportunity for success in wagering on the total of games. It makes sense, two goaltenders with a 3.5 GAA or higher have a better chance of finding themselves in a higher scoring game.Teams that commit a lot of penalties also have a better chance of being in high scoring games because being down a man, even just for 2:00, is simply a lot to overcome for many defenses. Total goals bets are very often listed at 5.5, but they'll also be 6.5 when games are expected to be especially high scoring.One interesting way to bet on hockey totals is by playing the Grand Salami. This wager is the number of goals scored (or not scored) by all teams on that day's slate. This is a very exciting wager for those who like to have money on every tilt and like to do a lot of channel surfing between all the NHL games.

Puck Line NHL Betting Odds

If a bettor is extremely confident in a team to get a big win, taking the puck line (PL) can be a very profitable way to bet on the NHL. One thing people love and also hate about PL betting during the NHL season is that a game is either clinched a win or crossed off as a loss if the contest goes to overtime. The most common puck line is -1.5, and teams can't win (or lose) by more than a goal if a game heads to OT.People like wagering on the PL because it offers a better return on investment. The Los Angeles Kings may be -150 on the moneyline, but since it's obviously harder to win by 2 goals or more the puck line could be +140 or higher.Puck line bets also work in the opposite manner however. If you're taking a team to stay within 1.5 goals (+1.5) it's going to be more costly. The Minnesota Wild as underdogs on the moneyline may be +130, but if you take the +1.5 PL, the odds may be something like -150. The good news is that taking the +1.5 odds means an automatic victory if the two teams go into overtime.

Moneyline Wagering in the NHL

Although there's a huge chance for success in wagering on the totals in an NHL game, the most popular form of hockey betting is the moneyline. NHL moneyline betting involves only picking a winner, although you will be paying different odds depending on the team.What that basically means is that if the Dallas Stars are traveling to play the Toronto Maple Leafs a night after taking the ice in Tampa Bay, Toronto has a huge advantage. If the Maple Leafs had the last two nights off and are not facing any major injuries they may be listed as a -175 moneyline favorite or higher. That means somebody would have to risk $175 on Toronto just to win $100.In that same game, Dallas playing on 0 days rest and possibly battling some injuries or using a backup goaltender may be listed as a +165 moneyline underdog. That means a $100 bet on the Stars would pay out $165.The answer to what does +200 mean when betting is that the moneyline indicates that team is an underdog. The "+" sign means you'll get more than your initial investment back if the wager wins, in this case a $100 bet would pay back $200. The "-" signs you'll have to risk more compared to the payout because that team is favored.

NHL Betting on Props

One aspect of sports betting that has also seen a rise during NHL hockey games is prop betting. You don't necessarily bet on the outcome of the game, but more so events during the contest. For the 2021 NHL season, prop bets might include which team to score first, picking the exact final score, what the highest scoring period will be, etc.NHL player props is also an exciting form of sports betting. Those who play daily fantasy sports will also often look at the NHL odds for player props such the player to score first, will a player score an anytime goal, how many points, how many assists, and so on. NHL betting odds are available for so many different items that it's possible to have a dozen or more wagers on a single NHL game.